Paris Metro & Bus …

Paris public transport network is operated by RATP and gives access to Metro, Buses, Tramway and the RER suburban lines.

Transportation boundaries are defined by zones. Check out the RATP website and select “zone map”. The Charles-De-Gaulle Airport is located in zone 5, while IRCAM is in the center of Paris in zone 1. Most tickets are valid for zone 1&2, covering inner Paris.

You can download a standard Metro map in PDF format from the here.

RATP offers a wide range of travel cards and passes within the region of Paris and its suburbs (fr.: banlieue).

Airport tickets: Tickets from/to the airports Charles-De-Gaulle and Orly are priced 8.50 EUR; the closest RER B station to IRCAM is Chatelet – Les Halles.

Metro tickets: t+ single fare tickets are valid on all Metro and Bus lines and the RER network within the zones 1&2 (metropolitan Paris). The t+ ticket is one-way with as many changes as you need, if you stay inside the Metro network. Please note that it is not possible to make metro/bus, metro/tram, RER/bus and RER/tram connections. Purchasing a book of 10 t+ tickets (fr.: carnet) allows you to save 27% on the price of buying 10 individual tickets (single fare ticket 1.60 EUR / carnet 11.60 EUR).

Mobilis daily pass: Please ask for the Mobilis daily pass at the ticket counter (it is not available from automatic vending machines). This daily pass provides unlimited use of public transportation within different zones. Fro inner Paris, zones 1&2, it is priced 5.90 EUR.

ParisVisite: If you plan visiting Paris the ParisVisite pass provides unrestricted, unlimited trips around the region Ile-de-France. This pass exists for several durations. The minimum subscription is for zone 1 to 3. The single say full fare is 9.00 EUR, 3 days are 20.00 EUR. No photo is required. Reduced prices for children are available. The pass is only available at the counter (not from automatic vending machines).

Navigo week pass: The Pass Navigo is a public transport pass that can be charged for different zones and time periods. It allows you to freely travel on the Metro and RER network. Within Paris, the minimum subscription is zone 1&2 (inner Paris) for 17.20 EUR. You have to buy the pass from the ticket counter providing a photo in ID format and your passport (8 EUR administration fee). It can be charged using the automatic vending machines.