Program – Wednesday 24/11/10

IRCAM – Salle Stravinsky

(session open to Forum IRCAM members)

9H30 – 10H30 – Networking : Technical State of the Art

Laurent Gydé (technical director RENATER)

10H30 – 11H30 – Networking : Artistic State of the Art

Alex Barchiesi (video artist), Nicola Buso  (composer), Andrew Gerzso (IRCAM)

11H30-12H00 – Break

12H00-12H30 – Presentation of NetTrike (**)

Bernhard Lang (composer), Christine Gaigg (choreographer – remote)

12H30-13H00 – Presentation of Zoom-Up (**) & An Invisible Line

Andrea Cera (composer)

13H00 – Q & A Session + Wrap Up


(**) Works by Bernhard Lang, Christine Gaigg and Andrea Cera performed during the “Duplex” concert on the evenings of 24 & 25 November at IRCAM in the Espace de Projection concert hall at 20H00.