Program – Tuesday 23/11/10

IRCAM – Studio 5 and Shannon Hall

10H00-10H45 – Real-time Analysis of Non-Verbal Expressive and Social Signals in Networked Performances

Antonio Camurri, UGDIST, Genoa, Italy

10H45-11H30 – Sound Spatialisation Over the Network Using Ambisonics

Markus Noisternig – IRCAM, Paris

11H30 – 12H00 – Break

12H00 – 13H00 – LOLA : Presentation and Hands on Session

Claudio Allocchio GARR Italy, Nicola Buso, Teresa Trevisan and Flavio Zaccaria (remote) Conservatorio G. Tartini Trieste, Italy

13H00 – 14H00 – LUNCH

14H00 – 14H45 – Visit of the An Invisible Line Installation

Antonio Camurri & Paolo Coletta UGDIST, Genoa, Italy

14H45 – 15H30 – What Codec for What Sound Quality ?

Remi Desmonet (IRCAM)

15H30 – 15H45 – Break

15H45 – 16H45 – Controlling Echo in a Musical Video-teleconference

Brian Shepard – USC, USA

16H45 – 17H30 – Conference XP : Presentation and Hands on Session

Claudio Allocchio, GARR Italy, Jose Feghali TCU Forth Forth (remote) and Fred Videon Washington University Seattle (remote)

17H30 – 18H30 – DVTS : Hands on Session

Ann Doyle – Internet2 & Claudio Allochio – GARR

20H30 – Dinner