Network Performing Arts Production Workshop

22-24 November, 2010 – IRCAM, Paris

The use of high-speed networks has opened up new vistas in the field of the performing arts especially in the area of music. Traditional practices, such as rehearsals, auditions, master classes, composition and performance, have all been affected by this new media. This two-day event aims at providing the participants with an up to date vision of this exciting new area.

The workshop offers the following features :

  • overview of the network performing arts scene,
  • presentation of useful concepts for network performance,
  • hands-on sessions of established and emerging technologies such as DVTS, JackTrip, ConferenceXP, EchoDamp and LOLA,
  • audio and lighting for best results in video-conferencing,
  • live networked master class,
  • performances and discussions of works by Bernhard Lang (composer), Christine Gaigg (choreographer) & Andrea Cera (composer),
  • networking technical and artistic state of the art presentations.

Download the program: Programm NPAPW

In collaboration with TERENA, RENATER, Internet2 and GARR.

With the support of the EACEA (Education Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency), Culture Project 2007-2013 of the European Commission.

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