Duplex Concert – 24-25/11/2010

Duplex is a concert featuring two works conceived for the high speed network medium, an exciting new venue for the performing arts.


by Christine Gaigg (choreographer) and Bernhard Lang (composer)

Based on the work V-Trike featuring a dancer in live interaction with audio and video loops, NetTrike expands the concept to the context of a two-site network performance. At each site the performers interact locally with themselves as well as the remote site performers. Difference and repetition, open and dynamic systems, responsibility, dominance and randomness are some of the ideas explored in this work.

at IRCAM in Paris, France :

Alban Richard (choreographer) & Max Fossati (dancer)

at IEM in Graz, Austria :

Christine Gaigg (choreographer) & Veronika Zott (dancer)


by Andrea Cera (composer)

at IRCAM in Paris, France :

Jean-Marie Cottet (piano)

et IEM in Graz, Austria

Eike Straub (piano – to be confirmed)

A keyboard artist dialogues and interacts over the network with the remote performer while exploring the notions of zooming in various dimensions (proximity and distance to the performer’s gestures, the sounds produced, the sense of togetherness both musical and physical …).

• Wednesday 24 November at 20H00 (reserved for IRCAM Forum members and NPAPW attendees)

• Thursday 25 November at 20H00 (subscription and general public)

IRCAM – Espace de Projection Hall

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